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Replacement battery type: Li-ion

Capacity: 83.6Wh 7336 mAh

Compatible P/N: A1953


Need a MacBook Pro Battery Replacement?

Well, most MacBook Pro laptops have batteries that are good for a couple of years but once they start getting exhausted they become a little troublesome as they discharge soon and can cause other issues too and that’s exactly the time when you need to replace your MacBook pro’s battery. Wiselink offers you the MacBook Pro Battery original grade at really reasonable prices and with an assurance of great quality.

Usually, a replacement of a MacBook Pro Battery does not come cheap and especially for a macbook pro battery replacement in Canada can cause you a hole in your pocket. However, Wiselink being a Wholesale supplier of MacBook Pro batteries has proven to be amongst the most trusted and reliable sellers for MacBook Pro A1990 Battery Org. With the ongoing situation where it’s not easy for everyone to move out and get going we understand how an individual has become so dependent on their laptops for almost all their work and considering this we make sure that we help you in your difficult times and send out your orders as soon as you place an order with us. So it can get replaced in no time and let you continue your life with ease. Therefore it makes us most preferable for macbook pro battery replacement in Toronto.

Know under which circumstances you should Replace Your MacBook Pro Battery

There can be quite a few situations under which Your MacBook Pro A1990 Battery Org can need a battery replacement.

  • Battery Service Warning

It is simple when your MacBook Pro starts sending you pop-up notifications of battery service it is the very first and foremost signal that one should not ignore. To check the battery life of your MacBook Pro battery one needs to click on the battery level in your top menu bar and bring down a drop-down menu. If your battery’s condition reads “Replace Soon”, “Replace Now” or “Service Battery” then well it’s time to replace your battery.


  • Low Battery Run Time

In the start it’s always a pleasurable time when you don’t have to worry about charging your MacBook and can use it any time anywhere for long undisrupted hours but with time the Macbook Battery starts to get low and the run time of your laptop decreases. It’s a personal choice for an individual to choose when he/she wants to replace their MacBook pro Battery but the general principle is to replace your battery when its run time is down to 25 percent as compared to the original run time. Ignoring all these signs can cause greater trouble in the future.

  • Unexpected Shutdowns

Once you start noticing unexpected shutdowns on your MacBook Pro laptop it’s a red signal for you that your battery life is now past the shelf life and is completely exhausted. These signs can cause you to lose data and other issues which will hamper your working experience. So once you notice Unexpected shutdowns on your laptop even after you charge your device often it’s a clear sign that it’s time for your macbook pro battery replacement.

  • Overheating

One of the main and most common issues for a battery replacement can be overheating your MacBook Pro. If you have started to notice that your laptop gets overheated soon or right after you switch it on then don’t ignore this warning sign as it’s a clear indication that it’s time for a battery replacement to save your MacBook from greater harm. Wiselink is a bulk seller where you can purchase original grade batteries at affordable prices.

Why is Wiselink the best option for MacBook Pro Battery Replacement In Canada?

Wiselink is a bulk seller of MacBook Batteries and that’s why it makes it the best option to get MacBook Pro Battery replacement in Ontario. Being a large-scale supplier has its pros and one of them is that you get a MacBook Pro original grade battery at a very affordable and reasonable price. Plus along with all the other benefits we make sure that we deliver your batteries just in time without any delay. Reasons why one should trust Wiselink For macbook pro battery original grade:-

  1. Affordability: Being the large-scale supplier it’s easier for our customers to purchase directly from us and not pay any commission to the middlemen which makes these batteries affordable for one and all.
  2. No Product Issues: Before sending out our batteries to our customers all the products are thoroughly checked by our engineers and are only packed once we are sure that they are in a fully working condition
  3. On-Time Delivery: One Motto that Wiselink has stuck to is our on-time delivery. We understand the harm and trouble that a faulty battery can cause therefore as soon as you place an order with us our executives are on it to dispatch the order in time so it reaches you as soon as possible.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Customer Satisfaction is our first and topmost priority. We make sure that we keep improving all our products and services just to meet and satisfy the needs of all our customers. This is what makes us your first priority for macbook pro battery replacement in Ontario.

So now get a fair, affordable and reliable product for Macbook Pro Battery replacement in Toronto from Wiselink and forget about all the troubles that you are facing with your laptop so far. Now making a wise decision is in your hands so don’t waste your hard-earned money by paying extra and order from Wiselink and lead a tension-free happy life.

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