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Model number: Mac Pro A1342 Battery org (Battery Model No. A1331)

Battery Type: Li-Polymer


MacBook Unibody 13″ A1342

MBook6,1 Late 2009: MC207LL/A (2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo)

MBook7,1 Mid 2010: MC516LL/A (2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo)


Mac Pro A1342 Battery Replacement

Investing in a good laptop is a tough decision and as it’s a big investment we want to be sure about everything before buying a laptop. MacBook Pro on the other hand is considered to be wise and a value-for-money investment as it has up to the mark features covering from retina display, storage, memory and really strong and efficient battery life. However, with time every device tends to get worn out and mainly in terms of battery life. Well as we know that battery is the powerhouse of any gadget and facing any glitches with your battery can hamper your work life. Therefore it’s important to know the warning signs of your MacBook Pro A1342 battery and also to know when it’s time for its replacement. At Wiselink we offer you the best MacBook Pro Battery Replacement in Canada as all our products are efficient enough as compared to the original ones.

Replacement of Macbook pro battery in Toronto

Wiselink being a Bulk Seller of MacBook Pro A1342 Batteries becomes the best and the most reliable option to purchase your laptop batteries as we have quality products at a reasonable and valuable price. We even make sure that all our batteries are thoroughly checked before going out so the customers don’t have to face any troubles once they have their batteries with them for replacement. Not just this but Wiselink also tries to send out your orders as soon as possible so your products reach you in time and there is no delay on our end.

Signs to look out for before getting a MacBook Pro Battery Replacement:

Knowing and figuring out when your laptop battery has been completely exhausted and needs a replacement is not that difficult. One can simply lookout for a few of the following points and know when they need a new Macbook Pro A1342 Battery.

  • Slow Charge: an aged laptop can start to show glitches while being charged and one of the signs to look out for is when your laptop starts to take a longer time to charge. This can happen when there is a lot of load on the battery and it has even been outdated or overused. So if you think your laptop’s charging speed has decreased please start looking into the option of getting a MacBook Pro Battery Replacement.
  • Age: Everything and every gadget fade with age. While the MacBook Pro is already equipped with a good battery life no laptop or battery is designed to last forever. So if you are facing power issues with your device it could be due to the simplest reason of age. After some time if you notice battery glitches every now and then so please consider getting a battery replacement for your laptop.
  • Unexpected Power issues: Please start noticing the number of times your laptop shuts down or freezes unexpectedly. This can be one of the major warning signs to let you know that you need to replace your battery. Especially if this happens after a recent charge or when your battery is at a moderate battery level you should be sure that all of this is a doing of a faulty battery.
  • System Report: All good brand laptops have the feature of getting to know about the system report of your gadget. In Macbook Pro there is a special option where you can check the battery life of your laptop and to make it easier for its user to be aware of a defective or an overused battery MacBook also sends out service warnings like “Service Required”, “Replace Now”, or “Take Immediate Action”. In case you look at these warning signs please quickly take action and save your laptop and its battery for a longer run.

Why Wiselink is most preferred for replacement of MacBook Pro Battery in Ontario

  • Provides you with MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Original grade.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our topmost priority.
  • Quality Products that are thoroughly checked.
  • Delivery In shortest times possible.
  • Cost-Effective Products.
  • One-Stop Solution for all battery-related issues.

Therefore if you are looking for a Macbook Pro Battery Replacement in Canada make wiselink your top option as we being the bulk seller of batteries supply you with the best quality Macbook Pro Battery Original grade batteries at a very reasonable and effective price.

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