ORG A1377 BATTERY for MACBOOK AIR A1369 (2010)


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Model no. : Macbook air A1369 Battery org (Battery Model No. A1377)

Cells: 4, 7.4v/ 48WH


MacBook Air 13″ A1369

MacBookAir3,2 Late 2010: MC503LL/A (1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo)

MacBookAir3,2 Late 2010: MC504LL/A (1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo)

MacBookAir3,2 Late 2010: MC905LL/A (2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo)


Mac Pro A1369 battery replacement

MacBook Pro is the ultimate device rendering a next-level experience to the users. People who own a MacBook know its essentiality and are almost completely reliant on the device for their everyday use and work. The device has amazing features with an outstanding battery life that completely blows your mind. Even Though it is an expensive investment, it is worth it. However, an expensive device such as a MacBook needs to be handled with care because any damage to the device may again cost you a fortune to repair. However, no matter how much one cares, your MacBook air A1369 battery life will ultimately worn out with time.

Over the years of usage, the battery demands repair or replacement that you need to get checked from time to time. It is equally vital to fully understand what is wrong with your device before going for any further repairs. Wiselink is a perfect solution for situations where one might need a MacBook air A1369 battery replacement. Where else can one find a MacBook air battery at such an affordable price? Various local shops can charge hefty amounts for MacBook air battery replacement in Canada. Wiselink being a large scale supplier of MacBook pro batteries sell out batteries at economical rates.

MacBook air A1369 Battery Original grade at Wiselink

Replacement of a MacBook air battery in Toronto can cost almost as equal as the amount of a new MacBook pro. However, Wiselink is a large scale supplier of MacBook pro batteries where you can buy a MacBook pro battery at affordable rates. The affordability does not speak for the quality as there are all MacBook air battery original grades at Wiselink. However, there are many signs one should always look out for before getting a MacBook  air A1369 battery replacement:

  • Take immediate action if you witness constant unusual shutdowns of your MacBook pro.
  • In case of battery overheating it can be dangerous to charge your MacBook pro as the battery might end up swelling and bursting.
  • Glitches on the display causing interruptions while working are also a sign of battery exhaustion.
  • When your MacBook battery sinks way too quickly than usual and it requires constant charging it also indicates battery exhaustion.
  • If you witness slow processing due to which your MacBook hangs too much, it is because of the battery worn out as MacBook pro is popularly known for its fast and smooth processor.

With Wiselink it is easier to order a battery online at affordable prices by searching for the required battery model such as type mac air A1369 battery org in the search bar and simply order it at your delivery address. Order a MacBook air battery in Toronto from Wiselink and receive it on your doorstep in the shortest time.

What makes Wiselink stand out for the replacement of  MacBook air battery in Canada

Wiselink is a bulk seller of MacBook batteries online. To purchase an affordable MacBook air battery in Ontario it is generally the first choice of people here. Services offered by Wiselink are exceptional and satisfying because for us customers are our no. 1 priority. following are our services for MacBook air battery in Ontario:

  • Perfection

All our products are 100% checked before handing out the orders to their respective delivery addresses. This assures perfection and avoidance of any faulty products reaching our customers.

  • Quality

All the products at Wiselink are of original quality grade and secured. We welcome criticism yet there are less than a few customer complaints received throughout years of service and are never repeated.

  • Fast delivery

At Wiselink we make sure that your order reaches you as soon as possible and you can get your MacBook pro battery replaced.

  • Quick response

As soon as an order is placed we make sure to respond as quickly as possible to start the shipment of your product so that it reaches your doorstep in a short while.

  • Feedback

There is also a feedback option for our customers where there are all the reviews from our customers and we are proud to receive all the good satisfying reviews. Also, feedback helps us to eliminate the inconvenience caused if any.

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2010, 2011

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