ORG BATTERY A1280 for MACBOOK A1278 (2008)


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Model No: Mac Pro A1278 Battery org (Battery Model No. A1280)

Compatible devices: apple macbook pro 13.3 inch
MacBook Pro 13″ Unibody A1278


MacBook Pro A1278 Battery Replacement

MacBook Pro is considered to be one of the fastest and the most powerful products of the apple family. It has fast processors, incredible graphics, an amazing retina display and a powerful battery that helps in running everything together. However, the only problem that arises is when the battery of your MacBook starts to exhaust and give you trouble.

As the battery is the only powerhouse of the laptop it’s essential to know the right time when you need a Macbook Pro A1278 Battery 2008 Replacement. Wiselink being a macbook battery Bulk Seller offers you with the best quality of MacBook Pro Battery Original grade at a really reasonable and efficient process. So if you think that your laptop battery is giving you trouble and you start to notice a few unusual glitches then it’s time you give your MacBook Pro a new life with a new battery. Order a Macbook Pro Battery in Canada only from Wiselink to get an affordable price.

Warning Signs to look out for to get your MacBook Pro a1278 Battery Replacement

Batteries are the most essential part of your laptop therefore if anything goes wrong with them it starts to disrupt your day-to-day life which makes it easier to know that it’s time to change the battery of your MacBook.

Common Signs to look out for while planning to get a MacBook Pro Battery Replacement:

  1. Declining Capacity : The lifespan of a Macbook Pro Battery usually lasts up to two or four years and after that, it starts to decline. A fully charged healthy battery should last up to 10 hours depending on the usage however if you notice that your battery is draining faster as compared to earlier then it’s a clear red signal that you need to replace your battery.
  2. Sudden Death: Another very common issue faced by laptop users is the sudden death of your laptops. Sometimes you see that your laptop starts to suddenly shut down or die while having adequate battery this means that your Macbook Pro Battery is draining even when your laptops are not in use and this means you need a battery replacement to grant your device a longer life.
  3. Screen Freeze: While working on your MacBook you might have noticed that your screen tends to freeze and nothing works for a couple of seconds on your laptop this means that when burdened your battery is not able to supply enough power to all the applications or software running in the background. So deciding to replace your battery will be wise and effective.
  4. Battery Diagnostics: Usually all good laptops have an inbuilt feature or software in them which helps you run battery diagnostics and through this, you can figure out about the battery life, the battery potential and other important features of your laptop’s battery. In case you see any warning signs while running these diagnostics then you should take immediate action and order a Macbook Pro Battery in Ontario from Wiselink.


After noticing any of these warning signs on your MacBook Pro take immediate action and get your laptop a new battery. To get a  MacBook Pro Battery In Canada choose Wiselink as it is a large-scale supplier of batteries that will offer you MacBook Pro Original grade batteries at affordable prices.

Why Choose Wiselink for a MacBook Pro Battery Replacement in Toronto

Choosing from where to get your MacBook battery replaced can be very tricky therefore making a wise decision is very essential. Know why you should choose Wiselink to buy your replacement batteries.

  1. Easy Purchase: Buying yourself a MacBook Pro Battery for its replacement just got a lot easier as on wise link you can simply type the model no. such as MacBook Pro A1278 battery org and find the battery you are looking for easily.
  2. Assured Delivery Timing: We understand the urgency that one faces when the battery of their laptop exhaust therefore we give you assured delivery time which means that we start processing your order as soon as it’s placed so it reaches you in time and you can get your macbook pro battery in Toronto
  3. Superior Quality: All our products are of superior quality as we make sure that before delivering any product we thoroughly check them and only then send out the best quality products so our customers don’t have to face any troubles while getting their battery Replaced.

Now you know that if you are looking for  MacBook Pro Battery Replacement In Ontario Wiselink is your one-stop solution. Customer Satisfaction is our top priority, therefore, we only supply you with quality products, reasonable prices and efficient goods. Think no more and order your batteries online from Wiselink.

Battery Model A1322 – Year 2010-2012

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2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

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