ORG BATTERY A1375 for MACBOOK AIR A1370 (2011)


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Model number: Mac Book Air A1370 Battery org (Battery Model No. A1406)

Compatibility: MacBook Air 11″ A1370

MacBookAir3,1 Late 2010: MC505LL/A (1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo)

MacBookAir3,1 Late 2010: MC506LL/A (1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo)

MacBookAir3,1 Late 2010: MC506LL/A (1.6 GHz Core 2 Duo)


MacBook Air Battery Replacement

Investing in any expensive gadget can be a tough decision and especially if that gadget is a need for your day-to-day life. Therefore we understand that buying an expensive laptop can get hefty on one’s pocket but no matter whichever brand or whatever model you purchase it will ultimately with the growing years start to decline and cause glitches and one of the main trouble that we face is the battery. So now say no to all your battery replacement issues as Wiselink is the best and one-stop solution for all your battery replacement issues. Now get MacBook Air Battery Original grade at really reasonable prices and grant your laptops a healthier and a longer life with Wiselink Batteries. Wiselink being a Bulk Seller of batteries becomes the most wisest choice for MacBook Air Battery In Toronto.  We only sell you the most authentic and the most efficient product so you have to face no more trouble. Learn about what are the red signals to look out for when planning to get a replacement for the battery in your laptop in the following paragraph.

Indications of a faulty MacBook Air Battery

When the battery of your Laptop starts declining it ultimately starts showing you signs that indicate that it’s time for a MacBook Air Battery Replacement. So be aware and look out for the warning signs on your laptop to detect a faulty battery.

  1. Screen Freeze: If you have started to notice that your laptop had started to freeze more often than earlier and is causing trouble while you are working then this could be a case of the faulty battery as quite a few times we experience a screen freeze when the battery is not able to provide equal power to all the parts of the laptop that are working.
  2. Reduced Capacity: After two to four years a laptop starts to showcase reducing battery capacity which means that it starts to discharge at a quicker pace this means that your battery is now becoming outdated and you should get it checked because a faulty battery can cause a lot more harm to your MacBook Air.
  3. Overheating: A very common sign that we tend to notice in our gadgets is that after some time they start to get overheated which states that the battery of the product is taking a lot more load than it’s prepared to take. This means that your MacBook Air Battery is now old and you need to replace it for better results and the long life of your laptop.
  4. Battery Diagnostic Error: Laptop batteries can be quite expensive and can get a lot troublesome if not replaced at the right time. Therefore to know when one has to replace their battery is essential. All good laptops give an inbuilt feature in their laptops these days known as the Battery Run Diagnostic which you can run if you feel that your MacBook Air battery is declining. This will show you the cause of the faults and also make one aware of the battery health of their laptop. So being aware of battery health can save one a lot of time, money and trouble.


If you notice any of the above-mentioned features in your gadget be aware that it’s time you start looking for a battery replacement. Also not just this but choosing a place to get your battery replaced also plays an important role so be wise while making this critical decision for the long life of your laptop.

Why is Wiselink a one-stop-shop for MacBook Air Battery in Canada

Just the same way choosing and investing in an expensive gadget is a tough choice, Buying the replacement battery can be an even tougher choice as you have to be double sure about purchasing these. Therefore if you are looking for a MacBook Air Battery in Ontario then Wiselink is the right, most wise and efficient option.

As it has the following features :

  1. Quality: Our products are thoroughly checked not just through machines but also personally by our team of experts before they are sent out. This means that with us you can be sure of the authenticity of the products.
  2. Easy Purchase: Our website is designed in a way that anybody can easily access. All that an individual has to do is go and search the model no. Of the laptop for which you are looking for a battery replacement. For example, you want a MacBook Air Battery of A1370 so you can simply type MacBook Air A1370 battery. 
  3. Availability: We provide MacBook Air Battery In Canada so no matter in which part of the country you are you can place the order with us and we will ship your parcels as soon as we can.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Our customers are our top priority, therefore, we work hard each day to make our services and our products better in all ways possible. All suggestions from the customers are also looked into and implemented to make Wiselink a much trusted and better brand for you all.
  5. Reasonable Prices: Wiselink being a Bulk Seller of MacBook Air Batteries is one of the most reasonable and affordable brands to purchase MacBook Air Battery in Ontario as there is no commission of the middlemen involved in this brand.

Choose Wiselink for all your battery-related issues and get the best products delivered to your doorstep for a much better, healthier and longer life of your laptops. With wiselink, we assure you there will be no disappointments.

Battery Model A1406 – Year 2011

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Model Year

2010, 2011

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